.....Ketika tiba saat perpisahan janganlah kalian berduka, sebab apa yang paling kalian kasihi darinya mungkin akan nampak lebih nyata dari kejauhan - seperti gunung yang nampak lebih agung terlihat dari padang dan dataran.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mad and Tongue

Its been two weeks my prof teach us about marriage and divorce. Today he ask us, "what is the hukm of the talaq if the man divorces his wife while he is in mad?"

When the class kept quiet, he know that his student waiting for him to answer his own question

So he ask us again, "is there any situation where the husband doesnt mad when hes divorcing his wife? Ya habibi, tallaqtuki..?"

 قلوب الناس مثل الماء في الزجاجة،
The heart of a human is like water in the bottle. The water will not come out of the bottle, even when it is shaking out furiously because the lid on top of of it, protecting it with so much secure

People get mad. Because they are human. When the heart is burning and stormy, we dont know what we are talking, and most of it, we dont even mean it. Close the lid, close the mouth, take a breathe and let the storm down

(2 April 2018, Uia Gombak)

I want to take some moment to ask forgiveness toward all the readers, for the past-present-and future. Im a human and sometimes my tongue keep slipping away, eventhough i dont even mean it in the first place. Emotional thought during lack of energy and motivation really made people do or talk something people will regret the second after doing that.
Conciously or unconciously, from the deep of my heart..
Forgive me

Sincerely, me
Who want to be a better human