.....Ketika tiba saat perpisahan janganlah kalian berduka, sebab apa yang paling kalian kasihi darinya mungkin akan nampak lebih nyata dari kejauhan - seperti gunung yang nampak lebih agung terlihat dari padang dan dataran.....

Sunday, November 29, 2015


i miss you.

people come and go,

and i'll still miss you,

thank you for always being there when i need most.

i remember when you first approach me,

and i step back

and you fought with me

and i step back even further

and you approach me again

with a smile.

and i stop stepping(?) back.

and smile at you back.

we have been friend for such a long time

know my flaws and problems

but you stay with me

i remember when im feeling insecure about myself, and you're the only who stay with me.

i remember when im feeling that i dont deserve you and you have to get rid of me

but you didnt. you stay.

even when i feel that im the most syaiton and bad enough for you to hate me

but you didnt. you still like me

i remember when i left you, let you cried out by yourself bc i think you deserve someone better. and im suck. im not a good friend. i always run from you. let you alone by yourself. and im not even comfort you. never

but you still smile at me when i visit you.

and you still share your stories, pour your unsettled feeling and stress, or tell that you happy and excited

eventhough i dont react by that. eventhough my reply is just ohh, emmm, okayy

i remember when you start studying on the same college with me

you visit me at my room

and i never visit you.

and you are gone.

you catch your dream at another country

i thought you will forget me

but you didnt.

you still have time to message me

eventhough youre far away from this country.

you still find time to talk to me,

even such a short time and message.

and still remember my birthday, wishing me first

eventhough i never wish you on time. always late.

i always ignore you

but you still here.

i know you deserve someone better,

but you still here.

i know you know that im the most bitchest person you have ever friend with

but you still befriend with me

and i never thank you enough.

because you know my feeling

you know that im so bad at expressing my feeling.

macam kau laki je.

but really, i just want you to know,

i miss you too.

aku harap kau tak baca la, but lawak je. lololololol.

but really..

lol bye

grammar hancur, but i love mistake. kesah kesah kesah kesah. aku tak pernah matang, tapi aku matang. bye